The Magenta Cake: That's Right! Another Fab Cake Designed By Chef Maeve. Video & How To Guide

The Magenta Cake: That's Right! Another Fab Cake Designed By Chef Maeve. Video & How To Guide

Hey cake artists! Ready to make a cake that's vibrant, romantic, and absolutely Instagram-worthy? We've teamed up with the amazing Chef Maeve to bring you the Magenta Cake.

This cake is all about those bold magenta hues and stunning sugar flowers. Let's dive in and create a cake that's sure to turn heads and rack up those likes!

Base Cake Size: 4 tier 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” (Base of Cake should be Fondant)

What’s in the Cake Kit:

19 4.5" Magnolia – White SKU: 773506
4 4.75" Sweet Pea Spray – Pink SKU: 802404
7 7" Lily Leaf Spray – Green SKU: 823512
2 3" Marsh Orchid – Pink SKU: 714304
15 1" Bud Filler (rounded) – White SKU: 800306
½ pound White Nonpareils SKU: 999808
Aquamarine Petal Dust (Edible) SKU: PD1015
Peach Petal Dust (Edible) SKU: PD1165
4 6" Lily of the Valley – White w/ light pink SKU: 827506
Coral Waterproof Ribbon 1.5 inch SKU: NT5075
Soft Shell Luster Dust (Edible) SKU: LD3335
Powder Blue Luster Dust (Edible) SKU: LD3325
Green Chantilly Luster Dust (Edible) SKU: LD3300
Coral Luster Dust (aka Pink Grapefruit) SKU: LD3055
Tools Needed: Paint Brush, Everclear Alcohol, Edible Glue

Estimated Assembly Time: 3 to 4 hours

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Flower Prep
Start by unwrapping all your flowers. Gently shape the petals to make them look full and natural. These flowers are going to make your cake pop!

Get your cake ready to decorate! Ta Da!

Step 2: Dust with Colors
Using your paintbrush and Everclear Alcohol, apply the Aquamarine and Peach Petal Dust to the flowers. This will give them that extra oomph and vibrant color.

Become a Jackson Pollack!

Step 3: Arrange Like a Pro
Begin placing your flowers on the cake, starting with the larger ones and filling in with the smaller ones. Mix up the colors and shapes to keep it looking natural and stunning.

Step 4: Add the Ribbon
Wrap the Coral Waterproof Ribbon around the base of each tier. This adds a perfect touch of color and ties the whole look together.

Step 5: Final Touches
Sprinkle the White Nonpareils over the cake for that extra bit of sparkle. Add any last touches you think your cake needs. Step back and admire your masterpiece!

Wrap It Up
Congrats, you’ve created a Magenta Cake that's a true work of art. With Chef Maeve’s kit and your creative touch, you’ve made something really special. Now go ahead and share your creation with the world. You’re a cake rockstar!

Happy baking and keep dazzling everyone with your amazing cake!

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