Plum Cake: The DIY Guide with Executive Chef Maeve Recipe + Video

Plum Cake: The DIY Guide with Executive Chef Maeve Recipe + Video

 Hey cake artists! Ready to whip up some WOW with a cake that screams evenings, WOW, and sweeeeet? We partnered with Chef Maeve who has designed this beautiful painterly inspired cake for Cakerate and you. The name of this cake is 'Plum'.



It’s dripping in rich, bold colors and intricate sugar floral details. With its painterly, artist-like appearance, this cake is a piece of art.

Want to learn straight from Chef Maeve herself? WATCH Chef Maeve's Plum Cake Video Here!


Base Cake Size: 8” or 10” (Base of Cake can be Fondant or Buttercream)

What’s in the Cake Kit:

  • 4 Anemone 3.5” (SKU: 775506)
  • 6 11" Chinese Lantern Spray – Orange (SKU: 810617)
  • 3 10" Wild Pansy – Purple (SKU: 818611)
  • 3 2.5" Carnation – Antique Yellow (SKU: 722307)
  • 2 8" Eucalyptus Spray – Green (SKU: 822512)
  • 2 3" Piaget Rose – Ivory (SKU: 703302)
  • Tulip Luster Dust (aka Antique Red) (SKU: LD3240)
  • Rouge Flambe Luster Dust (aka Red Garnet) (SKU: LD3165)

Tools Needed: Paint Brush, Everclear Alcohol

Estimated Assembly Time: 1 hour

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Get Those Flowers Ready Unwrap all the flowers from the packaging and bring them to life by bending the petals outwards. Make them look full and fabulous.


Step 2: Dust It Up Using your paintbrush and Everclear Alcohol, apply the Antique Red and Red Garnet Luster Dust to the flowers for that extra pop of color.

Step 3: Arrange Like a Pro Start placing the flowers on your cake, starting with the bigger blooms and working your way to the smaller ones. Mix up the colors and shapes to keep it looking natural and stunning.


Step 4: Final Touches Step back and admire your work. Add any extra touches you think it needs. Maybe a little more dust here, a tweak there—make it your own!

Wrap It Up You’ve got this! With Chef Maeve’s kit and your creative touch, you’re about to make a cake that’s an absolute showstopper. Now go forth and bake, you cake rockstar!

Happy baking and keep dazzling everyone with your amazing cakes!

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