Amethyst Cake: Say 'I Do', The Ultimate DIY Wedding Showstopper Designed by Chef Maeve's Video

Amethyst Cake: Say 'I Do',  The Ultimate DIY Wedding Showstopper Designed by Chef Maeve's Video

Hey cake artists! Ready to make the most stunning cake ever that’s perfect for weddings and big celebrations? We’ve teamed up with the super talented Chef Maeve to bring you the Amethyst Cake.

This cake combines vintage floral aesthetics with a modern twist, making it a breathtaking centerpiece for any event. Get ready to wow everyone with this beautiful creation!

Want to learn straight from Chef Maeve herself? WATCH Chef Maeve's Amethyst Cake Video Here!

Base Cake Size: 8” and 10” (Cake Base should be fondant but can also work with a rustic buttercream)

What’s in the Cake Kit:

  • 15 3" Lotus – Pink (SKU: 207004)
  • 3 3" Lotus – White (SKU: 207006)
  • 2 3.5" Dahlia Orchid – White (SKU: 214306)
  • 3 Grape Bunch – White (SKU: 400506)
  • 7 1" Tulip – White (SKU: 301706)
  • 12 1.25" Fruit Blossom – Peach (SKU: 300010)
  • 6 1.25" Fruit Blossom – Lavender (SKU: 300003)
  • 6 1.25" Fruit Blossom – Pink (SKU: 300004)
  • 9 2" Briar Rose – Ivory - Small (SKU: 108102)
  • 3 2" Ranunculus – Medium – Pink (SKU: 331304)
  • 13 2.25" Orchid Leaves - Small – White w/ Wire (SKU: 450206)
  • Peach Petal Dust (Edible) (SKU: PD1165)
  • Sunflower Petal Dust (Edible) (SKU: PD1210)
  • Tangerine Petal Dust (Edible) (SKU: PD1215)
  • Eggplant Petal Dust (Edible) (SKU: PD1070)
  • 15 White (SKU: 999105)

Tools Needed: Paint Brush, Everclear Alcohol

Estimated Assembly Time: 30-40 minutes

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Flower Prep Start by unwrapping all your flowers and gently shaping the petals. Make them look full and lively because these flowers are gonna be the star of your cake!

Step 2: Dust with Colors Grab your paintbrush and Everclear Alcohol, and dust the flowers with Peach, Sunflower, Tangerine, and Eggplant Petal Dust.

This will add some vibrant colors and make your cake pop!


Step 3: Arrange Like a Pro Begin placing your flowers on the cake, starting with the bigger ones and filling in with the smaller ones. 

Mix up the colors and shapes to keep it looking natural and absolutely stunning.

Step 4: Final Touches Sprinkle any extra petal dust for added flair. Step back and admire your masterpiece!

Wrap It Up You’ve done it! With Chef Maeve’s kit and your creative touch, you’ve crafted the most beautiful Amethyst Cake. It’s perfect for weddings and special occasions. Now go show off your cake skills, you cake rockstar!

Happy baking and keep dazzling everyone with your amazing cake creations!

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